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Anxious Moments

Mom called me yesterday night complaining that there is blood in her saliva  (a later effect from the push by the snatch thief). Before, she was reluctant to go to the hospital. This time she wanted to as she was worried whether there is any internal wound.

We went early morning to the the government hospital and boy, oh, boy, did we waited long. There were so many critical cases brought by the ambulance this morning and naturally the doctors dealt with these cases first. Finally it was her turn and she got scolded by the doctor by delaying treatment and then, in an about-turn, the doctor cautioned my mom not to take every single thing so seriously. He even said, if you think you are well, then you are well. If you think otherwise, then you will be sick so quoted the doctor. The body language given to us was that we were bothering him and wasting his time.Seriously, that man had no bedside manner.

However he wrote out a request for my mom to take an X-Ray which did not take too long. Thank Goodness, the results was fine. Hopefully she will respond to the medicine and she will get well soon. Mom’s a real gem sometimes!


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I profess that one of my short-comings is my complete lack of sense of direction. Due to my mom’s purse snatched last Saturday, we had to search for the Registration Department to get a replacement Identity Card for mom. And since the department had shifted, we had to scratch our heads on how to find the way. Suffice to say, it was like the blind leading the blind.

After a couple of wrong turns, miscommunications and sheer panic, we finally reached the place. Since we had chosen to do it in a small town as we were advised that place is rather efficient, I had to take leave to find it.

Met a lot of kind souls along the way – the customer who was eating roti canai, the road sweeper efficiently sweeping leaves, the young gal who was just opening her shop, a sundry shop owner and even a villager riding on his motorcycle all took the time to patiently showed me directions. I had to asked direction every step of the way to avoid going hopelessly lost. In the end it was worth it. The officer in charge was a friendly lady in tudung who was gracious in manner.

To go back to my town after the matter was settled was met with trepidation. I cannot remember how I got there in the first place. I just tried to appear confident for my mom and just drive and leave it to fate. And well, as fate would have it, we did managed to reached safely.

Along the way, my mom and I chatted and even though she was still annoyed and frustrated at what happened to her, we agreed to look at the bright side and really things could be worse..I dread to think..

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Snatch Thief Menace

My poor mom was shaken to the core. We who always read about snatch thief never thought it would happened to us! On 25th July, as my mom was walking back from a shopping complex near her house, 2 motorcyclists stopped and the pillion rider snatched her purse. She screamed but the pillion rider just pushed her and she fell as her head hit the ground. To get her balance as she was rolling towards the drain, she also bruised one side of her body. Shaken, she called my office to inform me. I am just worried about her head concussion but hopefully so far, she seemed okay even as the doctor asked us to observe.

I had to take leave to settle to accompany her to get a replacement identity card and a whole lot of other inconveniences. Thanks to these heartless thieves! I guess they never heard of retribution. Why do they take the easy way out to get cash? We are accountable for our own actions. Even if we get away with this type of behaviour from earth, we still are unanswerable to God int the afterlife.

I do thank our lucky stars that on the whole my mom escaped with just superficial bruises though the pyschological scars are there. As I am working, she walked by herself occasionally. I do hope she will not do this again but I wonder.

I really appreciate my mom presence after this. There is no replacement for a mom.

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